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just a picture, a recent one [updated @ 08PM ;; 03/17]

click this.

i know it's been a while.
but just letting who still cares know what i look like. <3
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yeahh [updated @ 09PM ;; 02/12]
[ mood | cold ]

So it's been quite a while since i've updated this thing.
but i swear everytime i do, someone has to be fucking dumb
and read my shit and say things that they don't need to say.
I'm not a negative to men, and i'm also not good for a positive.
fuck shit happened over 4 years ago, and people still can't forget.
get the fuck over it, i'm almost 22, been out of highschool for 5 years
and still have to deal with stupid high school drama.  grow up. get a life.

living in Washington state right now.
enjoying it up here, missing my baby though.
working a job that i love, it's great.
hanging out with my dad and other family.
it's been nice<3

but i'll maybe write again if people aren't being snoopy.

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wowww. [updated @ 11PM ;; 10/26]
Well, i know i haven't written in a while.
just alot going on.
working 4 days a week.
and it all being 10 hour shifts.
i'm trying to get in 40 hours a week.
without being there ALL THE TIME.
i fucking hate tacobell.
like i like some of the people,
and the job is so laid back.
but shit, i fucking hate it sometimes.

and well, when i'm off.
i'm always with brenna.
i love that girl, she's amazing.
i feel the best freind thing coming back.
we're so close, i can talk to her about
anything, and i love it.

I haven't really talked to Justina lately.
idk why, just somethings going on in my life.
i haven't really talked to anyone.

my heart is so like, blah
i feel like sometimes it's going to explode.
sometimes it feels like it's ripping out.
and well, right now, it feels like it's being ripped out.

There is a certain guy that i like, and well.
he has a girlfriend, but he tells me
that he cares about me, and he thinks about me.
and he really likes me.
but he won't just end it with his girlfriend.

seriously, i dont know what to do.
i just want to get a better job.
get myself a car.
and move the FUCK out of this town.
i don't care right now if i stay in texas.
i just don't want to be in cove anymore.
i'm dreading it day by day now.
i just want to start making good money.
saving it up till march of 2008 comes around.
so i can go see my bestie.
and maybe.

just fucking maybe.,
he'll be mine.


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Wow. [updated @ 04AM ;; 10/02]
[ mood | amused ]

Hi there<33

I haven't been on in some time.
and it's not like anyone actually reads it.
maybe brenna.
since she just recently updated hers. haha.

but anywho.
she's amazing.
my new best friend<33

but yeah this year is going a bit better
than last years.
i'm forgiving and forgetting.
me and brenna are friends again.
so are me and bridgett.
Gah, i missed them so much.

I've been on yahoo talking to brenna since 9pm.
and it's now three in the morning. wow.
what can change in a year.
i found out a bunch of things that i knew
happened, but i'm glad we are better now<3

I have a BIG crush on this guy.,
he gives me butterflies, and makes me
smile like crazy, we just started talking again.
i can't say who he is, cause well, it's dumb.

I'm so tired of cove.
i need to get away from here.

OHH! November 1st i'm going to see my
favorite favorite favorite band.

& i love my best friend jt.
and my newest freind Hayley.
she's amazing and so is he.
they need to go ahead and date<3

that's it for my update.
more later<33

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Well [updated @ 11PM ;; 06/30]
[ mood | calm ]

I doubt anyone is reading this.

But i just wanted to update on it anyways.
so maybe if you are reading it.
you'll know what i did today<3

well, basically.
i went to bed at like 5 this morning.
then woke up at 2 this afternoon.
and cleaned the house a bit.
and met leslie up at the movie theater.

I went to see that new kids rat movie.
it was soo cutee, you should go see it.

and then to tacobell.
got me some free food, cause i'm poor. haha
not really, but i didn't have any money.

Then i went home.
Leslie came over and then
we went to see fantastic Four.
It was a good movieeee.

Now i'm sitting here.
Bored out of my mind.
I think i might attempt to go to bed
early tonight.

How was everyone else's day?

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HIIIII everyonee. [updated @ 01AM ;; 06/29]
I haven't written in A LONG TIMEEE..

how is everyone?
hopefully you guys remember me.

I think i might start updating this more =]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My new hair cut and hair color =]

I look different now.

Leave me comments.
and let me know how you guys are.

and if anything.
ADD me on myspace.

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Hello guys [updated @ 11PM ;; 07/23]
so i wonder how many people actually still read my journal.
Or still gets onto livejournal.
Since i cant get into myspace.

i guess im just going to update in here. for the time being.
I got snakebites on the fifth of july :D
i love them more than anything<3<3

And me and Nick, broke up.
sucks i know.
but its probably for the better.
I still hang out with him.
and we still act like a couple
but we just dont have the label as a couple.

meh. Oh well.
if anyone has myspace.
add me.



so for the pics.

Pictures of mawwhhhCollapse )
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so i know i havent updated in forever. [updated @ 01AM ;; 04/05]
but i definitely have to share this.

me and my boyfreind decided to get piercings together.
for our two years thats coming up on thursdayyy

here are the picss


leave me some love about if oyu like it or nottt...
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last of the pics. thank god. [updated @ 11PM ;; 10/18]
sonic and movies pt.2Collapse )
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PIICCTUURESSS almost done [updated @ 10PM ;; 10/18]
sonic pt.1Collapse )

THATS ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! comment and enjoy!
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picatures!!! [updated @ 05PM ;; 10/18]
These pics are kinda like you had to be there to expierence the full effect of the funniness.
♥ Hastings Collapse )
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PICTUREEES [updated @ 10AM ;; 10/18]
wes' house pt.2Collapse )
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PICCCCCCCCCCTURESSS [updated @ 10AM ;; 10/18]
pics in the car pt2.Collapse )
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another post of pics [updated @ 10AM ;; 10/18]
Bekah is in the black avenged sevenfold shirt, brenna in the green zelda shirt and chelsea in the blue jacket.
♥ PIcs at wes' ♥Collapse )
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alot of pics split up in alot of posts. [updated @ 11PM ;; 10/17]
♥ Pics in the car!!!♥Collapse )
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UPDATE FROM HOME JOURNAL. [updated @ 09PM ;; 10/09]
[ mood | cheerful ]

This is from my Home journal the one i acutally write in. so yea im just updating with it.


Hey there. Today was me and nicks one year and a half. I was soo excited. I had many things planned. SO little time. hehe...here's my day...
I woke up at 8 am, because my foster sisters were talking really loud, so yea i got ready for school. It was a little chilly outside, so i went to english and nikki skipped. So i finished my essay in like 5 mins and then i just texted the rest of that class period. then onto math. That went by quick!, picked up doug and went home..
Cleaned my room, made my bed and started on my artwork. I took rose petals and wrote out "i'm so in love with you!!, baybee". Then i got on the computer finished nicks letter, took a shower, got dressed, did my hair and makeup. Then took pics of how i looked and my bed!
Then i went to the highschool and picked up Nick, took brenna, doug, and Jt home. I went to nicks for a bit, so he can get some stuff and i could read his letter! It was really cute. i felt like crying.
Then we left his house and went to Tacobell for a pre-dinner food. Then we left there and went to the movies.
At first we though we were the only ones. But 8 more people came in. We were a little mad. Corpse bride was cute and funny it should've been a little bit longer. But yea. Then we left the movies and went to "hastings" and just looked around and then he bought a cd and i bough the H-I-M "love metal" cd, its awesome. but anyways. Then we headed to hooters, but it was really packed, then we went to red lobsters and it was busy so we left and decided to go to "denny's" we sat and ate. And goofed around. Then we left.
We wennt to sonic for a bit. Then went back to my house so he could change out my rings to barbells. Then i took him home. So from 2:45 to 10:45 i was with him. No interruptions from parents. It was awesome. :)


Me: I'm keeping your jacket.
Nick: okay.
Me: thank you.
Nick: im giving it to you before i go to college, its been with me for four years so you can have it for four years
- -crys- -
nick: will you be mine forever?
me: if you want me to be
Nick: i need you to be ::sigh::

Okay.. 10-7 i just went ot work, then picked up nick took him home and then took a 30 min nap. It was great. Then i took him to work and then i went home and sat on the computer, cleaned the bathroom and then went to sonic, hung out with daniel and then went to wes' house. After nick said he has to stay an hour and 15 mins later. So i just hung out and we were trying to have a slumber party. So nick asked to spend the night at wes' and they said yes! :)
So it was me, nick, wes, chelsea, brenna, bekah and doug. We just hung out, talked, i fell asleep with ncik, i really missed that. I really really did. :) Then we woke up at 1. left about 2. I took doug and the sisters home, then me and nick got ready and headed out to killeen, we went to the mall, but we both didnt get pics done because we looked like shit. so we went to hottopic. THen we went to putt-putt. OMG that was soo much fun. He beat me. Gah i suck at golf. But it was soo much fun. Then we got done and went to best buy and i got a HIM cd and a placebo cd. They are awesome. Then we went to Toys-R-us i got some markers and glitter pens he got this powerhand thing. THen we went to my house.
And then went to the sisters house and then to tacobell to get food and then i took him home...
I cried, i hate HATE saying goodbye to him and i miss him! :( I keep thinking about him going to dallas *slaps head* stop thinking about it.


Did nothing today but work, seen nick for like 20 mins and here i am now! :) so ima go i think its long enough... i will post pics later. i dont feel like it now...

Bye guys....

<3333 Jennifer

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[updated @ 06PM ;; 10/01]

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[updated @ 12AM ;; 09/21]
SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOO. i tried to update just a little while ago and everything froze i had soooooooooo much... GAH ::::::ANGRY::::::::::::::::

anyways lets start this again.

OKay well today was a crappy day at the beginning but it ended up getting really good! :)

Well lets see, i went to school and that was alright, boring but alright, then i was in the lab for an hour and 45 mins doing my homework that I CANT DO HERE. gah oh well i need to get my 4 hours in. SO yea. anyways well i got home and just sat around ate something and then got ready and pretty for picking up nick cause i felt really pretty today for some reason.

:::come on and show, let me love..rip out the wings of a butterfly for your souuuuuuuuuuuuuul! my love:::-WIngs of a butterfly-HIM (new)

Anyways well i got up to the highschool and i still had 5 mins till the bell rang, so i went inside and stood in front of the door of his classroom and it was cute, he didnt expect me to be standing there, but haha i love my baybeeeeeeeeeee. SO we went outside and talked to a few of our friends adn then left, so i took him home, got me gas and then went home and then nick showed up here, we took about a 30 min nap and then we woke up and did something, ohhh..anyways then we both got ready for work and we left....

I went to work and only worked 44 mins. HOW GAY IS THAT. oh well then i went to HEB and got some stuff for my mother. then went to sonic and told nick that i was off, got a hold of wes. and asked directions to his house and then i went home dropped the stuff off and went to his house and then, wes, I, brenna and chelsea had to go to HEB and get something for his sister, and then we went to SOnic again and i gave nick a letter so he could meet us at wes' house and then we went back there, Nick showed up like 30 mins after we got there, and then hung out for a bit and he went home. I stayed there and hung out, then monica called and was talking about the hurricane and how its supposed to hit here and she was scared and stuff, thanks for letting me know something. THen.. left wes'

SO i took Brenna and chelsea home but i had to go to HEB again to get some stuff so then i took them home and got home, talked to mikey on the way home and then talked to nick, HE was disappointed cause he did all this stuff like get a job and get good grades and do stuff his parents asked for and MORE, to get his septum pierced, he worked soo hard and then his dad said NO..what the crap is that. Oh well im sorry baybee i wish i could doooooooo something for you. :( it makes me sad, i wish i could've talked to him for a little bit longer. Oh well he was tired and he wanted to go. I love you soo much baybee...

SO here i am listening ot the new HIM cd. ITS AWESOME. i cant wait to buy it......


ANyways well im off to bed, kiddos. gah im soo tired........................

I &hearts you all, especally, Justina, Brenna, and chelsea.

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[updated @ 02PM ;; 09/03]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
frizz4u3d made this FO banner!
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[updated @ 11PM ;; 07/19]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Come join distinctbeauty!
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